Commercial Solar for Your Business?

Installing solar panels on your business premises can offer numerous benefits. The most obvious advantage is lowering your energy bill whilst also lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your company’s emissions.

Fresh Solar have been installing commercial solar for the past 15 years. From solar PV only to solar PV and battery storage solutions we can help your business save money on energy bills whilst helping your business become greener.

We’ve installed solar on warehouses, churches, offices and a whole range of other commercial properties for our clients.

Commercial Solar Panels from your business


Commercial Solar PV Installations

With energy costs increasing for UK businesses year on year, installing solar not only cuts your energy bill but helps your business become cleaner and greener. Lowering your carbon footprint and contibuting to helping cut emissions.

‚ÄčInstalling solar panels for your business offers a range of benefits. Firstly, it significantly reduces electricity costs. With solar panels you gain the long term advantage of lower energy bills. With the improvements in solar technology over the years, manufacturers now offer a long 30 year warranty on both the manufacturing and output of their solar panels.

Beyond the financial incentives installing solar technology contributes to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change, showcasing your businesses commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

Tailored Solar PV

Each business has different energy needs, so we’ll carry out a site survey, ask you about your energy usage and design a system to meet your business needs.

Latest Technology

Solar technology has greatly improved over the past decade, with higher wattage solar panels generating more energy and larger capacity solar battery storage solutions.


We use tier 1 manufacturers to ensure all our installations carry the longest warranty and use the best available products on the market.



Fresh Solar - NICEIC, HIES, MCS, EPVS accredited solar installers

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