Solar Panel Ground Mount

Ground mounted solar panel installations offer a versatile solution for maximising solar energy generation. Ideal for homes or businesses with a large space such as a garden or field.

Ground mount installations optimise panel orientation and tilt for maximum sunlight exposure throughout the day. Their flexibility allows for efficient installation on various terrains, including uneven ground.

A ground mounted solar array also allows easier maintenance and cleaning, ensuring optimal performance of the system over time. A ground mounted solar PV system can accommodate much larger arrays than a roof based solar PV system, ground mounted solar installations are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial installations.

Solar Panel Ground mount  installation


Ground Mount Solar Installations

If your home or business has a large area on the property you can utilise the space by installing a ground mounted solar panel array. In most cases you can install a larger solar panel array with a ground mount installation than if you install to a roof.

​Installing a ground mounted solar panel system is ideal for your home or business and offers a range of benefits vs. a roof mounted solar panel system.

If you have a large open area you can utilise the space by installing a ground mounted system.

Installing solar to a roof is restricted to the available, useable space, whereas a ground mounted system can accomodate a much larger solar array and produces more electricity.

Fresh Solar UK have installed numerous ground mounted solar arrays on farms, commercial properties and residential properties. Installations range from 20 panels to a huge 48kW, 120 panel installation.

Bespoke Solar Ground Mount

Fresh Solar will design a bespoke ground mounted solar panel system to meet your properties energy needs using only the best components.

Latest Technology

Fresh Solar UK work directly with manufacturers to ensure we use the best products packed with the latest technology available on the market.


We only use Tier 1 solar panels with a long 30 year manufacturers and performance warranty to ensure a long life for our customers solar installation. 



Fresh Solar - NICEIC, HIES, MCS, EPVS accredited solar installers

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