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QCELLS Solar Panel Manufacturer

Q CELLS is a global leader in solar panel manufacturing, renowned for cutting-edge technology and exceptional product quality. With a commitment to innovation, Q CELLS consistently produces high-efficiency solar panels, setting industry benchmarks. Their dedication to sustainability and performance has positioned them as a trusted choice for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Why Fresh Solar use QCELLS

Q CELLS solar panels excel with high efficiency, durability, and innovative technology, setting industry standards globally.

QCELLS superior solar modules

The advantages of QCELLS modules at a glance

  • Exceptional performance
    98% efficiency and 86% efficiency after 25 years.
  • Latest technology 
    improvedments in technology in QCELLS panels gives them a 2% increase in performance.
  • Extremely durable
    Outstanding cell perfomance and high breakage resistance.
  • Consistent performance
    QCELLS solar panels have one of the highest efficiency ratings on the market today.
  • Guaranteed reliability
    Product and performance warranty of 25 years.
  • Extremely aesthetic
    Elegant black mono design is suitable for all roof shapes and sophisticated architecture.
QCELLS superior solar modules

QCELLS DUO M-G11 Black Solar Panel

A popular choice

  • Rated power 390–410 Wp
  • Efficiency: 21.4 percent
  • Modern, black, elegant design
  • Back cover: Composite film
  • Module with 6 x 18 monocrystaline Q.ANTUM half-cells
  • Dimensions (mm): 1,692 x 1,134 x 30
  • Weight: 21.2 kg
  • 25 years product and performance warranty


Your Way To Your Own Solar System

If you’re looking to buy solar panels to help you reduce your home or business energy bills then you should be looking at QCELLS solar panels.

Qcells solar modules with Q.ANTUM DUO Technology not only deliver impressive performance in real-world conditions, but also offer first-class performance guarantees of 98 % in the first year and a full 86 % after 25 years.

QCELLS Solar Panel Manufacturer



Discover unparalleled solar energy solutions with Q CELLS, the epitome of excellence in the solar panel industry. Renowned globally, QCELLS stands as a paragon of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology and superior performance.

At the core of QCELLS’ success is its commitment to efficiency. QCELLS solar panels boast industry-leading efficiency rates, harnessing more sunlight to generate maximum power. This ensures optimal energy production and significantly enhances the return on your investment.

Durability is a hallmark of QCELLS’ solar panels. Rigorous testing and meticulous quality control measures guarantee robust and long-lasting performance even in challenging environmental conditions. With QCELLS, you can trust that your solar panels will endure, providing reliable energy for years to come.

Innovation is woven into the fabric of QCELLS’ philosophy. Their continuous research and development efforts result in groundbreaking technologies that push the boundaries of what solar panels can achieve. QCELLS consistently introduces advancements that keep your energy system at the forefront of the industry.

Choosing QCELLS means embracing sustainability. The company is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint through eco-friendly manufacturing processes and promoting clean energy adoption globally.

QCELLS is not just a solar panel manufacturer; it’s a pioneer shaping the future of solar energy. Elevate your renewable energy journey with QCELLS, where excellence, efficiency, durability, innovation, and sustainability converge for an unparalleled solar experience.

QCELLS Manfacturing

QCELLS solar module manufacturing

Overview of module production

Solar cells from Thalheim to be used in module production

Solar cells being used in module production

Automated layup

Automated layup


In 2019 QCELLS manufactured 7.35GWp of solar cells globally.

When you’re considering buying home renewable energy products you should consider the warranty and panel degredation over time.

QCELLS solar panels are one of the most efficient available to homeowners and have a 25 year production and manufacturers warranty.

Fresh Solar have partnered with QCELLS in the UK to ensure we use the best available components for our customers.

More efficient solar panels means more generation. A 25 year warranty means a longer product lifetime and energy generation, QCELLS were a perfect choice as a strategic partner.




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