What Are Solar Panel Optimisers?

Solar panel optimisers are devices used in solar panel systems to maximize energy production and efficiency. They are typically installed on each solar panel and work by individually optimising the performance of each panel, regardless of shading or soiling issues.

Optimisers track the maximum power point of each panel and adjust its electrical characteristics to ensure the highest energy yield, resulting in improved overall system performance and increased energy harvest, especially in partially shaded or unevenly lit conditions.

Why and when do you need solar panel optimisers?


Solar Panel Optimisers

To get the best from your solar panel system if you have shading you can install Tigo solar panel optimisers. The optimisers work to ensure your solar panels are generating the maximum energy possible

Solar panel optimisers are crucial for maximising the efficiency and performance of your solar energy system. These devices mitigate common issues such as shading, soiling, and panel mismatch, which can significantly reduce energy output.

By individually optimising each panel’s performance, the Tigo optimisers ensure that even in partially shaded conditions or when panels are not uniformly exposed to sunlight, the system operates at its peak capacity. This leads to higher energy yields and increased overall system efficiency. Additionally, solar panel optimisers enhance system safety by providing advanced monitoring capabilities, allowing for early detection of potential issues and minimising downtime.

Whether you’re installing a new solar energy system or looking to upgrade an existing one, incorporating solar panel optimisers is essential for maximizing energy production, reducing maintenance costs, and optimising your return on investment in solar technology.

Flexible and Versatile

Tigo optimisers can be fitted only to the panels in your system which are affected by shading. Other manufacturers optimisers are needed on every panel saving you money.

Latest Technology

Tigo optimisers are packed with the latest technology, they use impedence matching to get the best results and also use Predictive IV technology for optimal performance.


Tigo solar panel optimisers carry a 25 year warranty so they will last the lifetime of your solar panel installation and ensure top performance for years to come.



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