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Eurener Solar Panel manufacturers

Eurener solar panels are recognised for their advanced photovoltaic technology, delivering exceptional energy efficiency. Manufactured with precision and high-grade materials, Eurener solar panels exhibit durability and reliability. Known for innovation, Eurener integrates the latest advancements to optimise energy production, making their solar panels a reliable choice for those seeking sustainable and high-performance solar solutions in the UK and beyond.

Why Fresh Solar use Eurener

Eurener solar panels; efficiencient, durable, cost effective and high performance.

Eurener MEPV 108 Nexa TOPCon solar panel

The advantages of Perlight modules at a glance

  • Exceptional performance
    Higher efficiency with new TOPCon technology.
  • Latest technology 
    N-type solar cells higher resistance to PID & LID which increases generation.
  • Higher Efficiency
    +22% solar panel efficiency.
  • Extremely durable
    Enhanced mechanical load, certified to withstand higher snow and wind loads.
  • Higher power output
    Enhanced capability to capture and collect light improves power output.
  • Guaranteed reliability
    Performance warranty of 30 years.
  • Bifacial cell
    Generates solar energy from both sides.
QCELLS superior solar modules

EURENER MEPV 108 Nexa TOPCon Solar Panel

A popular choice

  • Rated power 430 Wp
  • Efficiency: 22.01 percent
  • Modern, black, elegant design
  • Back cover: Composite film
  • Solar module with 108 cells
  • Dimensions (mm): 1,724 x 1,134 x 30
  • Weight: 23.4 kg
  • 25 years product and 30 year performance warranty


Powering Tomorrow, Today

Many UK homeowners opt for Eurener solar panels for their unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and durability. Eurener’s cutting-edge technology ensures optimal energy conversion, maximizing power output. With a commitment to top-grade materials and rigorous testing, these panels offer long-term performance.

Renowned for innovation, Eurener provides sustainable energy solutions that empower homeowners to embrace a greener future while enjoying dependable solar energy for years to come.

30 Year Warranty

Eurener offers a 30-year warranty on production and a 25 year manufacturing warranty, a sure sign of confidence in product durability. This extensive coverage assures customers of long-term performance, backed by a commitment to quality, reliability, and support and peace of mind for decades.

High Performance

Eurener Solar panels are manufactured with maximum efficiency, leveraging advanced TOPCon technology to maximize energy conversion. Their high-efficiency design ensures optimal power output, making the most of light to generate more electricity for homes or businesses, enhancing overall performance.

Why Choose Perlight

With cutting-edge technology, they offer unmatched efficiency and reliability. Backed by a 30-year warranty, their commitment to quality ensures long-term performance. Embrace sustainability with eco-friendly design, making Perlight the discerning choice for a brighter, greener future.

Eurener Solar Panel manufacturers



Eurener solar panels set the standard for innovation and reliability in the renewable energy landscape. Their solar panels are known for their exceptional quality, efficiency, and durability, making them an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions.

At the heart of Eurener panels lies cutting-edge TOPCon technology meticulously designed to optimise energy production. Their photovoltaic systems boast high efficiency, ensuring maximum power output even in challenging environmental conditions. This efficiency is a result of continuous research and development, integrating the latest advancements to drive performance.

Crafted with top-grade materials and subjected to rigorous testing, Eurener panels exhibit remarkable durability, capable of withstanding diverse climates and delivering consistent energy yields over extended periods. Homeowners benefit from a reliable and long-lasting solar solution that reduces dependency on conventional energy sources.

Eurener’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond efficient energy production. Their panels contribute significantly to reducing carbon footprints, empowering homeowners to embrace eco-friendly practices while enjoying substantial cost savings on energy bills.

Moreover, Eurener’s reputation for reliability is backed by a strong 30 year warranty and a track record of customer satisfaction. Their dedication to customer service ensures seamless installations and ongoing support.

With Eurener solar panels, homeowners gain not only a smart investment but also a tangible step towards a greener future. These panels represent the convergence of efficiency, durability, and sustainability, making them a trusted choice for those seeking reliable and high-performance solar solutions. Eurener continues to lead the way in shaping a more sustainable world through innovative solar technology.



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